Students are interested and motivated to contribute to your community or open source project in return for mentorship and guidance. We are particularly interested in strong open source projects with motivated contributors who can mentor students.

  • Join as Mentors on the platform
  • Contact admins to approve your community/event
  • Give Students Karma points for contributing to the community

Open Source Projects

For open source projects, we have a more structured approach:

  • Create and tag issues on Github which you would like Students to attempt
  • Review their Pull Requests
  • Give Students tasks in documentation, bug fixing and feature development


For topic based communities such as OWASP, SingularityU, etc

  • Collate and curate Digital Content suitable for learning
  • Get Students for volunteer efforts
  • Evaluate Student projects


If your community runs events such as hackathons, CTFs, etc, please contact ATFG to partner and spread the word.

  • Schedule your event in line with University schedule for maximum participation
  • Announce your event atleast one month in advance on our platform
  • Give Students Karma points for participation

Apply to ATFG

Got a question?

Ask your questions to the friendly people on Discord, or send us an email!