Students are interested and motivated to contribute to your company in return for mentorship and guidance. You can assign tasks to students, and support them to complete it. These can be anything from a few days of data collection, surveys, all the way up to detailed R&D project.

By building a relationship with these students, you can get a lot of productive work during their studies.

  • Delegate one or more from your company as Mentors on the platform
  • Contact admins to induct the Mentors
  • Place your tasks on the Industry Needs Aggregator, and work with admins to set the karma point value for it
  • Give Students Karma points for completing tasks

Software/IT Companies

Induct Students as interns based on their Karma points and prior learning history. Create a long term relationship with capable Students and hire them.

Content Development companies

If you are developing content for learning, use our platform to share your content and improve it. You can use this opportunity to drive Students to your paid content.

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