Create interesting Digital Content such as tutorials and full length courses. Our Students are highly motivated to learn from such resources. You can collect feedback from the Students and make a highly valuable content.

  • Join as a Mentor on the platform through our application form.
  • Create Digital Content and share it with the admins
  • Provide atleast the core part of the content free of charge
  • Ideally create the content in Malayalam

Subject Matter Expertise

Share your valuable content and curated content on specific subjects so that Students have reliable and high quality content.

  • Create videos and text explaining core content
  • Work with Mentors to create and maintain Industry Ready learning paths
  • Create an Open Source project in your area of expertise


Support the Academic ecosystem with data and content

  • Create content such as Academic calenders
  • Support students to understand projects and concepts
  • Create simple projects that students can complete

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