What is Industry Ready?

In Industry, it is the work output that matters. Work output is judged in terms of Skill, Knowledge, Communication and Execution. These can only be built together, and building one at the expense of the other is not useful.


Basic skills can be developed early, be it in coding in a particular language or framework, design, etc. This can happen only through repeated practice. Starting with simple skills building up to more complex capabilities and finally expertise. By increasing Skills, the work output can be delivered at a higher quality, and faster.


Knowledge refers to depth in a given field or domain such as AI, Blockchain or industry sectors such as Finance. This can happen only through exposure to learning materials, Industry interactions, etc. By increasing Knowledge, the work output is line with requirements and even with future needs.


Work output should be presented concisely and precisely. Good communication involves understanding both the content and audience. By increasing Communication, the features and qualities of work output can be presented and explained effectively.


More important than talking about an idea, is to execute the idea and bring it to fruition. This involves collaboration with others, and planning the work. By increasing Execution, work output is delivered predictably and making the best use of available resources.

How does it work?

We build Industry-ready Students through practice on our Discord platform. We are supported by Mentors and guided through structured and gamified activities.


Improving Skills, Knowledge, Communication and Execution, through a scalable platform enabled by gamification. Our aim is create a new generation of pre-skilled Industry-Ready students.


At the lowest level, our activities are designed to build specific skills that are in demand from Industry. We encourage that through sustained practice over a longer period of time.

Discord Platform

Our Discord is a highly scalable communication platform where lakhs of participants can safely participate in the activities. Supported by our discord bot: aaronchettan.


Students can access these Mentors through our platform, and gain valuable direction and guidance. Mentors come from open communities, companies and partners.

Gamification System

Motivates and moulds students by providing a set of activities to be completed. Gives students a method to track their own progress. Students' work is evaluated by Mentors.

What activities are provided?

Completing these activities develops core competencies early, rather than after joining a company.


Learn new technologies and gain skills by completing exercises and participating in learning groups.

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Open Contributions

Contribute to open source projects, and other communities, and gain practical experience in various areas such as coding, design, marketing, technical writing, QA, etc.

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Industry Needs

Complete projects, assignments and internships at participating organizations. Gain valuable industry experience and understand business processes.

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Digital Content

Learn from the best Mentors and Faculty members who have created optimized digital content. Students are also encouraged to produce content for the platform.

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Participate in hackathons, CTFs, conferences, exhibitions. Engage with other Students, Mentors, Enablers and wider Industry. Build connections and learn about new products and services.

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Hop Step Jump

If you have a new product or a prototype, apply for Hop Step Jump. Present your idea to a large number of corporate houses, and gain customers and funding.

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What are the benefits of the program?

We aim to create a long term process and ecosystem in Kerala. We believe this will grant multiple benefits for Kerala, including the following:


Our activities are designed to pre-skill students by guiding them and motivating them through Karma points. By completing structured activities, Students gaim Karma Points, Level up and improve their profile.


Students level-up into developing innovative systems. Industry can use the resources available in Academia to conduct R&D, and lower the risks of product development.


Our aim is to develop students and provide opportunities within Kerala itself. Availability of pre-skileld students enables more companies to operate in Kerala, and moreover, creates new startups within Kerala.


Kerala's tremendous startup ecosystem also provides avenues for commercialization. This will lead to more employment in the state.

Got a question?

Ask your questions to the friendly people on Discord, or send us an email!