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GTech is the premier industry association of Tech companies operating in Kerala.

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Who is involved?

The 𝝁Learn Framework integrates participants such as Students, Industry, Online Communities, Learning Programs, into a holistic system.

  • Premier Industry Association
  • Top Universities of Kerala
  • Communities and Programs

Companies and organizations are a core participant through Mentors, Projects and Internship activities.


Top Kerala based Universities have joined hands to meet the needs of Industry and develop the capabilities of students.


Groups such as Tech Myrmidons, keralarescue, OWASP have volunteered to support students.


Mentors are volunteers, from Industry, Academia, Communities, Open source projects who will guide and support students.


Representatives of Colleges who organizes college/local level activities, and integrates faculty members into the system.

Advisory Board

Senior level individuals from Industry, Academia, R&D and Govt who are driving the vision in a personal capacity.


Aaron Swartz was an open source programmer and activist, and a catalyst for Internet movements having played leading roles in building and establishing the largest communnities (Reddit), resources (Internet Archive) and standards (Creative Commons) that makes the Internet a global phenomenon. As an inspiration for our work and in his memory, we named our bot "Aaronchettan".

Aaronchettan helps and guides Students on our Discord platform, and in general allows ATFG to conduct activities on a massive scale.


This is the core team who plan, design and execute the program. Fellows are supported by Mentors and Enablers to achieve the day to day operations.

Deepu S. Nath


Anoop Ambika

CLAP Research

Dinesh Thambi



Travancore Analytics

Joseph Korah


Rejah Rahim

Beagle Security

Rony Sebastian


Rajeev J Sebastian


KTU Coordinators

Abel George

Placement Officer

Marian Engineering College, Trivandrum

Amal Thukku

Assistant Professor & TPO

College of Engineering Munnar

Renjith R

Head, Corporate Relations and Placements

Carmel College of Engineering and Technology, Alappuzha

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